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PUMA Awards Film Directory

  • Chasing Ice


    Jeff Orlowski

    In the spring of 2005, acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment for National Geographic: to capture images to help tell... [read more]

  • Disruption


    Pamela Yates

    A band of Latin American activist economists sets out to change their continent, teaming up with impoverished women to challenge accepted notions on how to eradicate pover... [read more]

  • The Message: The Revolutionary Power of Climate Change


    Avi Lewis

    THE MESSAGE is a multi-platform project that combines an award-winning team of storytellers, a provocative thesis that will change how we take on the climate crisis, a pro... [read more]

  • Ida's Diary


    August Baugstø Hanssen 


    At the end of 2010 we received a package in the mail. The package contained an unedited video diary from a young girl l... [read more]

  • Just a Band


    Wanuri Kahiu and Anjali Nayar

    Four young Kenyans form an afro-futuristic pop band that rides a wave of international acclaim. The unlikely superstars end up being ambassadors for their country. How do ... [read more]

  • Yasuni


    Nicolas Entel

    YASUNI explores the role of the oil industry in the lives of two native communities in the Amazon, and establishes a sharp contrast between those that have been touched by... [read more]

  • Unveiling Shirin


    Nariman Hamed

    A feature length documentary film about the life and works of artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat that takes us inside Shirin’s world and explores her life and work. ... [read more]

  • Songs From The Building


    Koam Chanrasmey

      Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge in 1979, Hun Sarath, a Royal Court singer, has lived in ‘The Building'.  Now her home is slat... [read more]

  • The Possibilities are Endless


    Edward Lovelace, James Hall

    When one man's world is shattered by a devastating stroke, he fights back from the brink of death to discover that life and love are greater than he could have ever Im... [read more]

  • The Dilla Doc


    Jaimie D'Cruz

    In hip hop culture the producer is King, and Dilla was the producers’ producer, a gamechanger who, before his early death, created a sound so original that hip hop w... [read more]

  • The Betel Begins the Conversation


    Xuan Duong and Bao Nguyen

    In socially conservative Vietnam, a group of LGBT Vietnamese anxiously await for the outcome of legislation that would legally allow for same sex marriage – a first ... [read more]

  • Call Me Kuchu


    Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherin Fairfax Wright

      In an unmarked office at the end of a dirt track, veteran activist David Kato labors to repeal Uganda's homophobic laws and liberate his fellow les... [read more]

  • GITI - The Paradise of the Hell


    Yves Montand Niyongabo

    GITI is a district zone of the Northern province of Rwanda, a country in the heart of Africa. The history of the country is vast than the country itself, mostly known for ... [read more]

  • Generation Food


    Steve James

    How will we eat in the twenty first century? Fifty years of panic and false solutions have put over a billion people below the breadline and swelled a billion waistlines. ... [read more]

  • OnePeople


    Kevin Macdonald (Executive Producer)

    In 2012 the tiny island nation of Jamaica turns 50 and this documentary is being produced to celebrate her global reach and significance at this milestone. &nbs... [read more]

  • El Poeta


    Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega

    EL POETA is an intimate portrait of renowned Mexican poet Javier Sicilia who, in the wake of his 24-year-old son’s brutal murder last year, ignited ... [read more]

  • Untitled Renewables Film


    Josh Fox

    International WOW presents a new documentary film by Oscar nominated and Emmy winning director Josh Fox, UNTITLED RENEWABLES PROJECT (working title) as he investigates wha... [read more]

  • Kashmir: Beyond the Line of Control


    Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

    Kashmir: Beyond the Line of Control chronicles the lives of 6 children who live in villages along the Kashmir border in Pakistan. A comprehensive study of their lives as t... [read more]

  • Flickering Time Bomb


    Pietra Brettkelly

    Who will preserve the history of Afghanistan once NATO leaves in 2014? FLICKERING TIME BOMB tells the story of a group of local film buffs fighting [read more]

  • Fireflies in the Abyss


    Chandrasekhar Reddy

    SOORAJ works in a ‘rat-hole’. The ‘rat-hole’ mines in the Jaintia Hills (NorthEast India) are narrow strips of coal requiring children to descend s... [read more]

  • My Marriage, My Parents


    Wuna Wu

    How does marriage, a happy union between two people in love, turn families into enemies? In Taiwan, a country with the lowest marriage and birth rate in the wor... [read more]

  • The Return of Burma VJ


    Joshua Min Htut

    Joshua, the main character of ‘Burma VJ’, has been in exile in London, since the Saffron Revolution. Now things are changing in Burma, and Joshua decides to go... [read more]

  • The Bolivian Case


    Violeta Ayala

    Three Norwegian girls are caught in Bolivia with 22kg of cocaine in their luggage, triggering a media storm that will shape the rest of their lives.   ... [read more]

  • Shattered Pieces of Peace


    Nonhlanhla Dlamini

    Two young women publicly announce their love for each other in Swaziland.  The media, the churches and ordinary people vilify the couple because of their sexuality. T... [read more]

  • Who is Dayani Cristal?


    Marc Silver

    An anonymous body in the Arizona desert sparks the beginning of a real-life human drama. The search for ide... [read more]

  • Turkey Creek


    Leah Mahan

    Turkey Creek tells the story of a group of determined Mississippians struggling to save their endangered Gulf Coast community in the face of rampant developm... [read more]

  • How to Survive a Plague


    David France

      How to Survive a Plague is an astounding untold story of patient activism and innovation — about AIDS survival, not death — which has been ov... [read more]

  • The Flying Pilot


    Peggy Mbiyu

    The flying pilot is a story about a young man who has had a childhood dream to build a plane that he will fly in the African sky. He now wants to build a second plane, fro... [read more]

  • Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry


    Alison Klayman

    Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry is an intimate portrait of an international art star during two tumultuous years of his life. A "dissident artist" in the headlin... [read more]

  • The Crash Reel


    Lucy Walker

    [read more]

  • Fish Fight Europe


    William Anderson

    Over a million tonnes of edible fish are thrown back into European waters every year, dead. Fishermen hate doing it, but are forced to by EU regulations. It’s called... [read more]

  • Femme a la Camera (Camera/Woman)


    Karima Zoubir

    Woman with a Camera follows the life of an illiterate, divorced woman determined to work as wedding videographer in Casablanca despite overwhelming resistance fro... [read more]

  • Dragonslayer


    Tristan Patterson

    "There's a bunch of empty pools and a bunch of f*cked up houses. That's why I'm here. I'm here to skate. But besides skating, I want to go see waterfa... [read more]

  • Croaked


    Lucy Cooke

    The world's frogs are in a major crisis. Since the 1990's they have been disappearing at an alarming rate, in many cases quite suddenly and mysteriously. ... [read more]

  • Odin's Raven's Magic


    Nick Fenton

    The film of Odin's Raven's Magic is a modern retelling of an ancient Icelandic saga. A visual poem inspired and accompanied by the orchestral piece of the... [read more]

  • The Devil's Lair


    Riaan Hendricks

    South Africa - a country with strong human rights ideals rooted in the liberation struggle is once again turning its wrath on black African foreign national with acts of v... [read more]

  • Teenage


    Matt Wolf

    Based on a groundbreaking book by the seminal punk journalist Jon Savage, Teenage is an unconventional historical film about youth culture before 1945 - the year ... [read more]

  • Ping Pong


    Hugh Hartford

    Ping Pong: A Sports Movie About Old Age follows players from around the world as they make their way to Inner Mongolia to compete in the 80+ age groups of the Wor... [read more]

  • Taste of Revolution


    Philippe Gasnier

    What is a natural wine? A ferm... [read more]

  • Look at my India


    Pramod Mathur

    Again and again, as I travelled across India, I have seen abject poverty and compulsions that have induced a kind of fate with no choices in the hands of people. I cannot ... [read more]

  • Kasai


    Claude Haffner

    From her family home in, Alsace, Cl... [read more]

  • La Fin du Monde


    Ventura Durall

    On 21 December 2012, the world will end - but one place on the face of the Earth will survive the catastrophe: a tiny hamlet in France. This character-driven, existential ... [read more]

  • A Small Act


    Jennifer Arnold

    When Hilde Back sponsored a young, impoverished Kenyan student, she thought nothing of it. She paid roughly $15 dollars per term to keep Chris Mburu in primary school. She... [read more]

  • Brown Gold (formerly $H*T!)


    Annika Gustafson

    Brown Gold is an auteur, character-driven film following radical solutions that turn human waste into green energy, and the pioneers who drive them. &n... [read more]

  • Higher Ground


    Jon Shenk

    Higher Ground is a dramatic feature documentary that lifts the issue of global warming out of the theoretical and into the personal. President Mohamed Nasheed is trying to... [read more]

  • Town of Runners


    Jerry Rothwell

    Long-distance running is a way of life in the Arsi region of Ethiopia. In a country well-acquainted with poverty, famine and war, world-beating athletes are a source of in... [read more]

  • William and the Windmill



    Ben Nabors

    William Kamkwamba is a remarkable young man from Wimbe, a small rural village in Malawi, Africa. In late 2001, while his family was battling life-threatening famine, 14-ye... [read more]

  • Oil & Water


    Francine Strickwerda & Laurel Spellman Smith

    When Hugo Lucitante was 10 years old, his tribe made a desperate decision. Fearing extinction, they sent Hugo to be educated in the U.S., in hopes that he would return to ... [read more]

  • Barefoot Engineers


    Jehane Noujaim

    Barefoot Engineers will interweave Bunker Roy's work on the international scene-- taking his message to opinion leaders, raising money, challenging convention... [read more]

  • We Are Many


    Amir Amirani

    The story of the biggest peace march in human history. On 15 February 2003, in over 800 cities around the world, 30 million people protested against the planned invasion o... [read more]

  • Black Out


    Eva Weber

    Every day during exam season, as the sun sets over Conakry, Guinea, hundreds of school students begin a nightly pilgrimage to the airport, petrol stations and wealthy part... [read more]

  • Shattered Pieces of Peace


    Nonhlanhla Dlamini

    Two young women publicly announce t... [read more]

  • Speed Sisters


    Amber Fares

    The Middle East’s first all-women motor racing team has come together, despite the odds, in the occupied West Bank. As Palestine seeks its indep... [read more]

  • Armenia Wants A Piece of the North Pole and the South Pole Too


    Vardan Hovhannisyan

    Armenia Wants a Piece of the North Pole… and the South Pole, too! It is a humorous hook film, which will document how Two Armenian comedians claim territory at the ... [read more]

  • Cal Summits


    Luis Ilizarbe

    After beating cancer Eduardo Gold formed a partnership called ‘Peru Glaciers’ which, in 2009, won one of 20 prizes (from 150,000 submissions) in the World Bank... [read more]

  • The Last Song


    Katia Paradis

    The Last Song is the tale of ordinary mothers who, one day, for a matter of life of death, turn themselves into composers. The film tells the stor... [read more]

  • Laureates


    Kenneth Gyang

    From the suburbs of Lagos, Accra, Cairo, Nairobi and Johannesburg, 5 African youths undertake a visual odyssey of the 13 Nobel prize laureates Africa has produced from 196... [read more]

  • One Mile Away


    Penny Woolcock

    Inner cities are little war zones in which small wars are fought. Gangs of young men stab and shoot each other for straying into the wrong postcode. But now, two gang lead... [read more]

  • The E-Team


    Katy Chevigny and Ross Kauffman

    The action of the film The E-Team will be driven by the high-stakes investigative work of Anna Neistat, Fred Abrahams and Peter Bouckaert, three key members of Huma... [read more]

  • A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness


    Ben Russell and Ben Rivers

    A Spell to Ward off the Darkness is an enquiry into the possibilities of a spiritual existence within an increasingly secular Western culture. Set in N... [read more]

  • African Ninja


    Banker White

    African Ninja is a film about survival, hope, and the transformative role that creativity plays in the rehabilitation of war-affected individuals. The docume... [read more]

  • Bidesia in Bambai


    Surabhi Sharma

    Bidesia in Bambai is a story of music, migration and mobile phones. This film follows the plight of two ambitious singers in Mumbai who occupy extreme ends of the... [read more]

  • Charlie PELE


    F.Simiyu Barasa

    Charlie PELE is a study of inspiration through creativity in Kenya. Charlie is only one year old, but he inspires Kenyan youth to make peace and develop entr... [read more]

  • Fatal Assistance (ex. Haiti, Billions for a Refoundation)


    Raoul Peck

    Haitian born filmmaker Raoul Peck takes us on a 2-year journey inside t... [read more]

  • Heralds from the Big World


    Tatyana Soboleva

    Heralds from the Big World is a film about selflessness and generosity in Northern Russia. This film follows a group of Russian doctors who every year leave ... [read more]

  • The Island of Derek Walcott


    Ida Does

    A portrait of St. Lucian poet, playwright and visual artist Derek Walcott. The film visits the Nobel Prize winner in his native country, taking his famous poem Love af... [read more]

  • One Meal at a Time


    Alessandra Populin

    Can a new cooking-stove help save the planet? Inventor Nat Mulcahy thinks so. One Meal at a Time follows him across the world as he pursues his visionary project:... [read more]

  • Logs of War


    Anjali Nayar

    Can sustainable logging kick-start Liberia’s post-war economy? Silas Siakor, a man who risked everything to cut off warlord Charles Taylor from the timber... [read more]

  • Shadow Girl


    Maria Teresa Larrain

    How do you keep your voice as a visual artist when you’re losing your sight? Shadow Girl follows director, Maria Teresa Larrain, as she slowly becomes blind... [read more]

  • Ntsika: The Pillar


    Alette Schoon

    Ntsika: The Pillar explores what it takes to bridge the divisions of race and class in South Africa today. The film follows a white principle from a privileged sc... [read more]

  • My Atomic Aunt


    Kyoko Miyake

    My Atomic Aunt brings a personal perspective to the national crisis of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Filmmaker Kyoko Miyake travels back to Fukushima to find ou... [read more]

  • Afrikaner Girl


    Annalet Steenkamp

    Afrikaner Girl, is the filmmaker’s journey into trying to understand her family’s unbreakable connection to the land. Set in rural South Africa, where... [read more]

  • Alt Orgs - Sustaining the Human


    Patricia Murphy

    In a collapsing economy what can individuals and companies do for a more sustainable and mutually beneficial future? Alt-Orgs provides a look at alternative organ... [read more]

  • Alliance School


    Paul Taylor

    Alliance School is a film about acceptance and sexuality in America. The story is told through one of a handful of GLBT schools in the US now facing the very real possibil... [read more]

  • Rollaball


    Eddie Edwards

    Rollaball will be an inspiring film that proves that physical limitations are no match for the Human Spirit. Filmed in and around Accra in the West African nation... [read more]

  • White Volta


    Timothy Edzeani Doh

    White Volta is a story of child labor and poverty in Ghana and one mans campaign to change it. The film follows former child slave Annan as he returns to his root... [read more]

  • Dancing in Jaffa


    Hilla Medalia

    Dancing in Jaffa follows the journey of internationally renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine as he returns to his birthplace, Jaffa, to fulfill his lifelong dream of te... [read more]

  • Studio H


    Christine O'Malley and Patrick Creadon

      The documentary Studio H spends a year in the life of one of America’s most innovative classrooms.   Designer/... [read more]