Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund

The Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund, a joint initiative between Bertha Foundation and BRITDOC, is the first European-based outreach and engagement fund, and is open to filmmakers from around the world.

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The Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund, a joint initiative between Bertha Foundation and BRITDOC, is the first European-based outreach and engagement fund, and is open to filmmakers from around the world.

The fund is looking to support smart, strategic outreach campaigns for ambitious independent documentary feature films with a social issue at their core; films which have the ability to achieve real change on a local, regional or global level.

Films have inspired people to engage and to act. They have led to changes in law, policy and practice. They have affected the way people give and/or invest money.

They have led viewers to question the status quo and to care more about their communities and the world around them. But for a film to achieve all this, it needs a structured outreach and audience engagement plan, and the capacity to implement it.

Social impact can be achieved in a myriad of ways and we are looking for outreach plans that engage audiences, have identifiable goals and partners to help achieve them.

Grants will be in the range of £5,000 – £50,000.

Applications can come at the planning, trial, delivery or evaluation stage of a campaign. Films can apply more than once, for different parts or phases of a campaign.

If your project is highly sensitive and you would like to submit a more secure proposal, please contact Luke Moody either via initial contact: or using the public key associated with that email. For some guidance regarding PGP email see:

There are two application rounds per year.

Before submitting your proposal: We advise taking a look at for some examples and methodology behind previous documentary impact campaigns.

Terms and Conditions: Please download and review terms and conditions, including a sample contract by clicking the button on the right side of this page.

For general queries regarding your application contact our Film and Distribution Manager at

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Some highlights of the first three years of the fund include:

  • The Invisible War: early support for influencer screenings on Capitol Hill in February and June 2012 off the back of a high profile Sundance premiere.
  • One Mile Away: creation of an educational pilot around gang issues
  • No Fire Zone: campaign launch in India and influencer screenings ahead of a UNHRC vote
  • Unearthed: solar powered film screenings and debates around the Karoo region of South Africa
  • Judgment in Hungary: influencer screenings in Hungary with judiciary, police and Roma community.

For example, our funds could support:

  • Funding a strategic summit with potential partners including media, NGOs Foundations and Campaigners, to identify target audiences and brainstorm how best to use the film to augment existing campaign strategies.
  • The development and production of school curriculum packs.
  • Support for design and build of innovative online tools to enhance audience engagement.
  • Funding for the re-versioning of the feature documentary into shorts, which could be used on multiple platforms including online and on mobile devices.
  • Funding for strategic screening tours: through schools, universities and relevant community groups, for political or corporate lobbying.
  • Support for an outreach staffer to action the outreach plan, book the screening tour and act as point person between the filmmakers and NGO partners.
  • Support for evaluation analysis, capturing data on the social impact of the film.

What we DO fund:

  • Strategic outreach campaigns for completed or almost completed documentary feature films

What we DON’T fund:

  • Outreach campaigns for short documentary films or for fiction films of any length
  • Development funding
  • Production funding
  • Completion funding
  • Traditional distribution
  • P&A spend
  • Bertha Foundation believes that in order to affect positive change in the world, you need activist lawyers, storytellers and social entrepreneurs.

    Lawyers: We aim to inspire and enable the work of socially minded lawyers and are committed to strengthening the field of public interest law.

    Social Entrepreneurs: When people have the right tools and opportunities, they are best placed to solve their own problems. We support those using business principles and innovation to create sustainable large-scale change.

    Storytellers: We believe in the power of visual storytelling to educate, inform and inspire action, and are dedicated to supporting the creation and distribution of social impact media projects. Documentaries are central to this vision.

    The Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund is part of a major new partnership between the Bertha Foundation and the BRITDOC Foundation, which sees the launch of two new funds worth £1.5m over the next three years.