How to Apply

If you’re applying for funding from the Foundation for the first time, here’s a run-down of how the process works....

  • We love to hear about new films. But sorry, all applications MUST be made online using the link on the right. In order to apply for funding, you will need to sign up and choose a password. This system allows us to track proposals and means that every proposal will be seen by the whole editorial team before we come back to you with a decision. PLEASE do not send proposals via email as you will only be asked to resubmit online. Thank you. 

  • Applications for funding are welcome from filmmakers working together collaboratively but should be made by one director from the team (who will be the main point of contact). We do not accept applications for funding from producers.

  • The Channel 4 BRITDOC Fund is open to British filmmakers living anywhere in the world and filmmakers from anywhere who are living in Britain full-time and have been for at least six months (Irish submissions will also be considered).
  • The PUMA Catalyst awards are open to emerging and established filmmakers working anywhere in the world. We will ask you in your application for the Country you are from. Please do fill this in, this helps us to ensure that the message of the PUMA Catalyst Awards are reaching everyone. 

Logging in & creating proposals

  • In order to apply for a grant, you will need to sign up and choose a password.
  • Once you have signed up, go to My Proposals and login. On the home page you will have the option to 'Create' a new proposal.
  • Working on a proposal is similar to working on a document in Word – you MUST save your changes each time before logging out – if you don’t, you won’t be able to retrieve your work.
  • You can spend as much time as you like working on your proposal – we won’t view it until you submit it. Submitting a proposal is done as an option from the side bar or from the bottom of the form.

Working with proposals

On subsequent visits to the site, your proposals will be listed under these headings:

    These are proposals you are still working on.
    Awaiting Foundation decision - these are proposals which we are considering.
    Foundation decision given - these are proposals on which a decision has been made.

Saved proposals

You will be able to edit these, submit them to us for consideration or delete them. NOTE: please be sure before you delete a proposal, as once you do, there will be no record of it anywhere.

Submitted proposals

Once a proposal has been submitted to us for consideration, you will no longer be able to make any changes to it. You may want to print a copy out for your records - you can get a print friendly version by selecting ‘View’. If, after you have submitted the proposal, there is additional information that may affect our decision (e.g. if you have secured part of the required funding from elsewhere), there is an option to send us a message relating to your proposal. We will be notified of this additional information.

We will come back to you about your proposal within 10 weeks of it being submitted. At this stage, we may turn down your proposal, ask for further information or invite you for a meeting. Please don’t contact us about our decision before the 10-week period has expired. 

Apply for Funding

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