Good Pitch

What's the Big Idea?

Good Pitch brings together filmmakers with NGOs, foundations, philanthropists, brands and media around leading social issues – to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society.



A partnership between BRITDOC and Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, Good Pitch has been gaining momentum since the first international event in 2009.

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Running several times throughout the year in the US and Europe, as both standalone events and in conjunction with bespoke conferences and film festivals, it brings together specially selected foundations, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, broadcasters and potential corporate and brand partners to form powerful alliances around groundbreaking films.

Six to eight filmmaking teams pitch their film and associated outreach campaign to the assembled audience with the aim of creating a unique coalition around each film to maximise its impact and influence.

To date, more than 120 documentary projects have been presented at Good Pitch events in London, Oxford, New York, Washington DC, Toronto, San Francisco and Chicago. In that time more than 2100 organisations have attended – varied organisations from different sectors all bringing something unique to the table: expert knowledge, research and archives, membership networks and mailing lists, campaigning and lobbying expertise and access to policymakers as well as production and outreach funding. Together they make powerful allies.


In 2011, we launched a satellite version of the forum, Good Pitch². With the same mission as the flagship events - connecting good films to good people - Good Pitch² enables regional organisations all over the world to put on their own Good Pitch events. Once selected, the local host receives training and access to the Good Pitch model, brand and web tools.

The first Good Pitch² was held by the People to People (P2P) International Documentary Conference in Johannesburg on September 13th 2011. Since then events have been runin Mumbai, The Hague, Argentina, and Taipei. Good Pitch² lands in Australia on 8th October 2014.


Released in September 2014, this document is the third edition of the Good Pitch Review. In it we share the latest updates from the Good Pitch project, charting the success and impact of a handful of the film projects which have been through Good Pitch and emerged with new funding, new partners and new strategies for reaching audiences world wide.

The event has now leveraged more than $17 million in funding, in addition to an extensive range of non-fiscal resources. Outcomes have included on-the-spot financing and broadcast offers, and the development of NGO partnerships that went, in one filmmaker’s words, “from first-date to marriage."


Good Pitch is made possible by our generous major supporters, Chicken & Egg Pictures, CrossCurrents Foundation, The Fledgling Fund, Ford Foundation, Impact Partners, Wyncote Foundation, Hartley Film Foundation and anonymous donors. 


BRITDOC is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation backed by Channel 4 TV. It is dedicated to reinventing funding and distribution models for British documentary filmmakers. As well as funding ground breaking social-issue films (such as Oscar nominees CITIZENFOUR, VirungaDirty Wars and The Square and Hell & Back Again), the Foundation brokers relationships between filmmakers and the NGO and brand sectors in the UK to create better, more effective films. Good Pitch is a key part of our important work in this area.