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"Experts in collaboration, innovation and rapid prototyping." Cara Mertes, Ford Foundation

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"Their success is testament to the public appetite for award-winning films with something important to say." David Abraham, Channel 4

Hello & Welcome

We are a non-profit founded in 2005 committed to enabling great documentary films and connecting them to audiences globally.

Based in London and New York we work with filmmakers and partners all over the world.

Our Mission

We befriend great filmmakers, support great films, broker new partnerships, build new business models, share knowledge and develop audiences globally.

We aim to lead by example - innovate, share and be copied, and innovate again.

"For many years BRITDOC has spotted and supported the most urgent projects - nurturing them with love, ensuring they make a difference. It is the forum for our most important conversations in nonfiction cinema."
Joshua Oppenheimer,
Director, Act of Killing

Our Driving Principle

Great documentaries enrich the lives of individuals. They have a unique ability to engage and connect people, transform communities and improve societies.

That's why we are dedicated to the Impact of Art, and the Art of Impact.

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What we do

Our five strategic areas

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Our Offices


The BRITDOC Foundation & BRITDOC Charitable Trust,
50 Frith St,
London, W1D 4SQ


45 Main Street,
Suite 547, Brooklyn,
New York

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Are We?

"For me, BRITDOC is synonymous with passion, commitment, energy, humour, vision, rigour and vodka-based cocktails."
Tabitha Jackson, Sundance Institute

BRITDOC Foundation Board

The BRITDOC Directors are joined by an exceptional team across our boards



We are free to choose who we work with and how we do it. This independence means we always uphold creative, journalistic and personal integrity.


We don’t interfere with the creative process, we support it. We are the friend of the filmmaker and the film always comes first.


We have seen the greatest impact through collaboration. As such, we share what we learn and create best practice with our partners.


We are consciously and constantly evolving – because tomorrow needs new ideas. For us, problems are an opportunity for change.


We take documentaries seriously, but not ourselves.


We love what we do and we want to work with people who feel the same way.

Our Supporters

We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who fund our work

Thank you everyone.

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