The Threshold Foundation looks to support documentaries that address the most important issues facing the world using a plan of action that is powerful, innovative, and unexpected.

We are in a golden age of documentary films. Progressive issues are being exposed in a powerful new light with various creative channels for marketing and distribution. Documentary filmmakers are filling the void left by a mainstream media that is unwilling to take on the controversial issues we face today.

BRITDOC are proud to partner with the Threshold Foundations High Impact Documentary Films funding circle in addressing these issues. BRITDOC will invite applications from high profile feature documentaries with the ability to create lasting social impact in accordance with Threshold’s priorities.

Threshold Foundation priorities:

Stories that are not being covered in mainstream media;

Crucial stage funding that will help move films forward at critical moments in their timeline;

Films that tell powerful stories and have a strong point of view, aggressive marketing, and outreach plans for reaching intended audiences;

Films with a focus that is in sync with the Threshold Foundation’s mission to create a more just, joyful and sustainable world;

First time and highly experienced filmmakers; and

Compelling stories that leave the audience with an opportunity and desire for positive change.

Things to Note:

Applications are by invitation only.

BRITDOC will make recommendations to Threshold Foundations Funding Circle who will make all final grant-making decisions.